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Welcome to Spotlight.  Showcasing Carl's latest campaignS.

Wagamama T5 - This is tabletop as you’ve never seen it before. Arranged across a twenty-two metre wide screen mouth-watering dishes are displayed to a global market.  That's something to be proud of. 

Shot on location at Wagamama Great Marlborough Street this complicated undertaking took technical tabletop to a whole new level. Produced by LocoCreate this design challenge was storyboarded shot and post produced directly for Wagamama. But how exactly do you shoot for a format that makes anamorphic look square? And is it possible to shoot > 40 frames in a day and still come out before the cock crows.

It was certainly a massive undertaking, the true T-Rex of Tabletop.  


One director for both table-top and live action, what a great idea... Now it’s a reality.

Why split table-top and live action between two different directors? That’s two companies, two pay packets, and two visions. Working with a stable of international food stylists, DOPs and special-effects magicians, I can offer everything in one place, within a single bid and budget, both locally and internationally .To find out more about my unique one director offering get in touch.