B-lingual son of an Italian restaurateur, qualified diver and BAFTA Fulbright’s  youngest ever recipient Carl trained in art director at St Martins School of Art, studied filmmaking at The Royal College of Art and screenwriting at the University of Southern California. 

It’s a handy skillset for our new multi-platform world.  “Advertising teaches you to understand a client’s needs but the ability to write and produce means you can create bespoke content to fit a budget”. 

It also helps to have stood in front of a hundred-strong-crew with a multipage shot list and know that you have to finish before the sun goes down. 

Oscar shortlisted for The Cutter, his films have always been popular with audiences across the globe. Recently his unbranded content for AstraZeneca / HavasLynx won both a Lion in Cannes and two Clios.

Specialist skills include over and underwater photography, large scale production and the patience and attention to detail needed for all things tabletop.  



Behind the Scenes: Alpen Gold Shoot