Is it me or... or is it time you had your say?


Hold your horses, here we go – 2012! The Dragon is in the house and the prediction from the East is good fortune and intense power. I’ll go with that. Maybe this is the year to forget Western views and listen to the beating of a different drum? So in the spirit of new beginnings…

Gong xi fa cai!

How’s your year started? I’d love to know. In the director’s chair it’s been a fast take-off. There’s new films coming from Gusto, new agents in the form of the lovely Peggy and Gary at and there’s even been a return to my beloved Istanbul.

When I questioned whether I’d ever revisit the city back in the May post I didn’t imagine it would be quite so soon! I've been shooting a follow up to last year’s award-winning Fiat spot and I’m delighted to be back involved. However, it does seem that the local authorities are messing with my mind by turning off every other street light. Or maybe its just those guys from Arri pushing the Alexa that bit further – the new update is even more incredible than the first, can the Red really compete? We’ll see. One thing’s for sure: it promises to be a widescreen smash. Or maybe that’s just the traffic when the snow hits the streets in old Istanbul – take a looks at my Facebook page for the latest pics.

Anyway, I digress. I’m sure by now you’ve all had just enough time to break any pesky New Year’s resolutions you might have made. Don’t worry, I’m not judging. Who needs ‘em? I don’t understand this obsession with picking the things we enjoy doing the most and resolving to stop them – all in the hope that we live longer, yet ultimately less enjoyable lives. Save yourself the self-loathing, don’t do resolutions.

But what if the industry had to make some? What would they be?

Be positive – remember it’s the year of the Dragon, harness all that intense power.

More money, less work – that’s more like it. Good luck with that one... sorry must stay positive.

Take EasyJet, forget the conference call – lets go face to face.

Work for charity not for viral – this one’s going to be very tough to keep. In 2012, going viral will increasingly become the barometer for a major campaign’s success.

Less Twitter, more face-to-face – Facebook yes, but Twitter? Is it really doing anyone any good? Don’t we all just need to get out more?

Less Facebook, more free time – an old classic, or is it just a new classic for the older generation?

Free time is for wimps. Live, breathe and sleep advertising – bring on the intense power!

I can tell a couple of those resolutions won’t see February. Talking of things making it to February, this blog has been running for almost nine months now and the response has been great, so thanks. You’ve heard my opinion on everything from the future of Cannes to the ghosts of Christmas past. So if you don’t mind, now I’d like to get your opinion on something: this blog.

Don’t worry it’s nothing arduous. Just send a quick comment here or a thought there. You can contact me via Facebook (you might have to add me first), email or any other means you care. It’ll take a few seconds and really help me out – you see; my new year’s resolution was to collect more qualitative data.

Here’s to a fantastic 2012!

Carl Prechezer