Is it me... or is it time for some Vino Veritas?

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Guess who’s back, back again…

Hello 2016! If you’ve been dry for January, well done. If you can't wait for February, I’ve got something special for you…

The Wine Show - a 13 part series to be broadcast on UK TV  this year. Directed by my good self it's presented by two UK movie stars, hot new factual discovery Joe Fattorini, Amelia Singer and the well know Gizzi Erskine.  

Spanning the entire globe the show’s full of riveting stories, gorgeous vistas and (cue Don LeFontaine voice over) "the biggest wine cellars in the world!" There’s also plenty of mouth watering food as globally renowned chefs, such as Atul Kochhar, discuss their perfect food and wine combinations. It's a table top delight. 

Of course the filming wasn’t without it’s dramatic challenges; occasionally feeling as if we were staring in our own version of PLONK. But then what d’you expect when you’re humping kit and crew across the globe. But for every airport meltdown there was the most incredible sunrise or sunset, usually followed by an amazing glass of local surprise.

What makes me particularly proud is that not only does it look fantastic, the whole series is immensely watchable. Nothing about this wine show is dry or high brow, it’s an accessible program you can watch with family and friends.

Technically it showcases Arri’s amazing Amira and the skills of Cliff Evans, Jamie Knights, Ed Bullman and many more.  There’s drones, drones and more drones – one of which ended up on a million pound titanium roof - nothing to do with Mike Garner whose drone skills brought the show’s Italian location to life.

So keep an eye peeled for further announcements and updates because it’s the TV wine show everyone has been waiting for.

Carl Prechezer