Is it me... or are people obsessed by Series 2 of The Wine Show

wine show 2 banner .jpg

Don't believe me, here's what ET have to say:

“Pour another glass because our favourite import Matthew Goode is back with a second season of The Wine Show, Friday 12th January 7pm Channel 5. Sky Vision’s food and travel magazine series, which moves the action from Italy to the South of France, is already available in the U.S. on Hulu. The show became a favourite among viewers thanks to the bromance between Goode and co-host Matthew Rhys and their journey through the heart of Italy in search of tasty wine and lasting memories. Joining Goode (who also stars on The Crown season two) is James Purefoy, an equally English and handsome actor, who steps in for Rhys. This season, two hosts are tasked with finding a case of wine to match a six-course French lunch cooked by Stephane Reynaud."                           

I mean what’s not to like? A bromance, lashings of adventure and a “Provencal palace of plonk”. No wonder people are obsessed.

I’d like to say Series 2 was hard work, but you wouldn’t believe me. I could mention long days, endless treks burdened by kit, but you’d just laugh and pour yourself another glass of something cool and sparkling. But honestly, contra to some producer's opinion, the show isn’t made on vast budgets with carefree schedules. This is classic TV - a small tight unit, Arri Amiras and buckets of natural light.

As always the show travels the globe in search of great stories and stunning locations. My personal favourite this season, Japan. Based mainly in Kyoto the episode teamed Joe Fattorini with Jaega Wise, a new presenter from the Wild Card Brewery in London. Together they studied Saki, which is brewed like beer but consumed as a wine. Of course as always with the Wine Show it was less about the drink and more about the experience and in Japan most experiences come with a wealth of personal cultural complications:  I kept my shoes on when they should have been off, forget my business cards and said something that I thought was “thank you” but in fact translated as “bog off”. The only person who was in more trouble than me was a Monk unable to remember his lines due to a shocking hangover – apparently drinking Sake brings you closer to God. As they say locally - “Drunken life, dreamy death.” Or something like that... 

For Series 2 I also shot a lot more food thanks to chef Stephane Reynaud. His gorgeous dishes gave us some mouth watering tabletop opportunities. We were also joined in the South of France by the legend Jancis Robinson who was tasked with the job of judging the findings of our two exuberant stars. There's also Chef Shoots - I was lucky enough to spent a day with Angela Hartnett at Line Wood Hotel in the New Forest. Gorgeous. 

Of course it's all worth while when you get a prime time slot on Channel 5 and if you can't wait or live outside the UK it's globally available on HULU and other local channels.

Can't think of a better way to start the New Year So - Salute!


Carl Prechezer